Rehabilitation Through Innovation

Our qualified SLP's are:

• Master leveled and ASHA certified

• Dedicated to your success

• Flexible and cost-effective

• Able to fill SLP vacancies immediately

• Able to relieve overburdened caseloads

• Not tied to one geographic area

• A great option for recruiting and retaining

  high quality SLP's

Welcome to SPEECHTraxx tele-speech therapy

One on one speech therapy sessions conducted through a secure, private video link using your home, school or office computer, eliminating scheduling conflicts, travel and waiting times.

Qualified SPEECHTraxx speech pathologists are just a mouse click away. 

SPEECHTraxx is a leading provider of live internet Speech Language Pathology services.  We are committed to our clients' personal success through innovative rehabilitation.  Endorsed by the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) and proven effective by more than 40 research studies, Teletherapy Services provide equal access to all in need regardless of geographic boundaries.



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Speechtraxx Tele-speech Thereapy